Traffic Offenses & TVDLs

For most people, the ability to drive is crucial to his or her daily life. We represent people in traffic court in both Wisconsin and Illinois, as well as before the Illinois Secretary of State (the driver’s license issuing authority in Illinois) and the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.

People without social security numbers who have been residing in Illinois for one year, may also be eligible to apply for a Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s Licenses (TVDL). These temporary driver’s licenses are only valid for three (3) years, upon which the holder must reapply as a first time applicant. TVDL’s are valid for driving in Illinois as long as the holder has valid insurance, but may not be valid for driving in another state.  TVDLs are also not valid for identification.

If a person has ever applied for a Illinois Driver’s License with false identification or information, he or she should consult with a criminal or defense attorney prior to applying for a TVDL.

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