Criminal Defense

A person may be charged with a criminal offense under state or federal law, and are usually classified as misdemeanors or felony offenses.  A misdemeanor offense is usually a crime that carries a sentence of imprisonment of up to one year in jail.  A felony offense is a usually a crime that is punished by a sentence of imprisonment of a year or more.

Often times people convicted of crimes also have collateral consequences (non-criminal punishment consequences)  resulting from their plea of guilty or conviction following a trial.  These can include, but are not limited to: loss of a drivers license, sex-offender registration, loss of the ability for a U.S. Citizen to petition for his/her fiance(e), being placed in removal (deportation) proceedings, potential loss of Lawful Permanent Residency (“green card”), ineligibility to apply for certain immigration benefits (such as DACA, or an Immigrant Visa or “green card”), ineligiblity for naturalization, or inadmissibility (ineligiblity to enter) the United States.

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